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Events & Weddings

Visit my new live entertainment site for your event bookings! 

I have been performing for special events and weddings since age 11, beginning with my own immediate family.  Since then it has been a passion of mine to enhance and add artistry in celebration to your important day.  I work with Denver's top musicians so you are assured to receive the highest quality of musical entertainment for your event! 
Ensemble Choices: 
(acoustic or amplified)

  • Solo Violin, Cello, Guitar, or Piano

  • Violin Duo, Violin and Cello, Violin and Guitar/Piano

  • String Trio (2violins+cello/2violins+guitar)

  • String Quartet

Specialty Ensembles:

  • Amplified Violin with tracks

  • Violin and DJ

  • Spinphony (electric string quartet)

  • Trading Post Ensemble 

Photo by Alive Studios

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Photo by Tales of Voyage

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